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Hacienda is a Full Service Production Company offering services for any budget, format. We pride ourselves on our production service capabilities and being a company who has a reach and know how to service various territories on the planet. We are currently offering Production Services any where in Southern Africa, Thailand, India, Spain, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Maldives, Portugal and we will soon be able to also facilitate shoots in the Maldives & Tunisia.

Our company is relatively new but we have over 20 years experience in providing film production services for:

  • Television Commercials

  • Long Format Film

  • Corporate Film

  • New Media

  • Photo-shoots

  • Music Videos

  • Content Films

We offer rock solid affordable service production for TVCs, Stills, Documentaries and short films. What sets us apart is that we offer production services on 3  different continents with our main hubs being Cape Town, Bangkok & the Algarve region of Portugal.

Through working closely with you, we can develop your idea into a meticulously planned production schedule, complete with clear, itemized costs. As a result, you can ensure your production needs, and budgeting requirements are addressed, right from the outset.

Our process begins with analyzing your project and script. This allows us to establish the requirements for your complete production. By doing so, we can identify the most efficient solutions for your budget. Through our commitment to clear communication, and financial transparency, you’ll always know exactly where you stand

Our Crew members

Through our years of experience, we have accumulated a vast database of professional crew, located throughout Cape Town, Johannesburg in South Africa & various other territories.  As all of our crew members are fully vetted and fluent in English, clear communication is ensured at all times. Once we’ve assessed your project, we’ll identify the best crew members for the job, and schedule the required equipment from our network of reliable equipment-hire companies.

Transportation & Accommodation.

We identify, organise and coordinate transportation & comfortable accommodation for you and your team: from arranging flight tickets, local transportation and vehicle hire, to hotel bookings.

Location Scouting

Our location specialists are at hand to offer location inspiration, from the familiar landmarks, to the most remote nooks of Southern Africa especially. If your project requires something special, our scouts will seek out the perfect location for your shoot.

Legislations, Visas and Permits.

We will advise and handle any regional legal requirements for you, such as:

  • arranging permits for film & photo shoots

  • visas for your cast & crew

  • miscellaneous regional legislations

  • contracts and insurance

  • clearing shipments or exports.

We ensure you won’t encounter any unforeseen surprises along the way, and that you take advantage of the incentives available to overseas visitors shooting in Thailand, Spain, South Africa,Namibia, Mozambique.

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